MAY FLY Tube Body  Tube  bodies are made from a material which is ideal for easy and flawless fly tying, perfectly imitating the true shape and silhouette of the fly. Flies can be quickly and simply created and they are excellent floaters as the bodies are hollow and contain air bubbles, so when tied, act like a buoyancy aid keeping your fly on the surface. The bodies are flexible and soft and easy to tie in and come in a range of colours, applicable for all stages of the Mayfly hatch.Small bodies - 10 pieces per packet
Medium bodies - 10 pieces per packet
Large bodies - 5 pieces per packet.Available colours: Yellow, Light Yellow, Cream Orange, Tan, Rzav River, Djetinja River. 

Light Yellow Lmayfly yellow L Light Yellow M   mayfly yellow M Light Yellow SYellow s Mayfly
Tan LTann S Tam MTan M Tan STan ss
Yellow LYellow 1 L Yellow MYellow 1 M Yellow Smayfly yellow 1 S
Djetinja River LDjetinja L Djetinja River MDjetinja M Djetinja River SDjetinja S
Rzav River L Rzav L Rzav River M Rzav M 1 Rzav River S Rzav S
Cream Orange L Cream Orange Lsmanjen Cream Orange M Orange sredjena M 2 Cream Orange S Cream Orange S smanjen


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