STARLITE Dubbing  HMG Starlite is very fine mylar type material. Can be formed into hanks and used for big streamers or cut for dubbing your small flies. Works very well with most other materials for dubbing and it doesn’t absorb water, so large flies don’t get heavier. If you like stuff that sparkles and glitters it just doesn’t get any better than this.

28001/ YellowSTARLITE 0013 Yellow.jpg 28002/ LimaSTARLITE 0003 Charteuse-Fluo-green.jpg 28003/ BrownSTARLITE 0002 BROWN.jpg
28004/ BlackSTARLITE 0001 Black.jpg 28005/Lemon YellowSTARLITE 0007 Light-Yellow.jpg 28006/ DarkGreenSTARLITE 0008 Peacock(Dark-green).jpg
28007/ Gold VioletSTARLITE 0005 Gold-UV-2.jpg 28008/ SilverSTARLITE 0011 Silver.jpg 28009/ Rose RedSTARLITE 0010 Red.jpg
28010/ RustSTARLITE 0009 Red-Fox.jpg 28011/ OrangeSTARLITE 0004 Fire-Orange.jpg 28012/ White PearlSTARLITE 0012 White-Pearl.jpg

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