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Hemingway’s d.o.o.  -  Hemingway's Fly Fishing Products  manufactures some of the worlds finest and unique fly tying materials available in today's market.

Hemingway’s has been captivating the world for over more than a
decade with a top quality, incredibly unique product lineup, ”truly
the finest from Europe.” Known for our extremely realistic fly tying
parts, it’s a simple fact Hemingway’s is one of the world’s leading
producers and distributors of high quality dubbing. An award
winning selection of hand-made furled leaders and some of the
most beautiful wood products available in today’s marketplace
such as custom landing nets, and hardwood fly boxes. Hemingway’s
is very proud that we are able to build and produce our products in
house under the care and supervision of owner management and
the dedication and hard work of our specially trained employees.
This is what enables us to achieve and hold such a high standard
of quality in each and every aspect of the entire product line.
Hemingway’s is the industry leader in hyper realistic flies, fly tying
parts, and what we like to call, “Extreme Fishable Realism.” Extreme
Fishable Realism is an outstanding concept developed by the
Hemingway’s design team, but has also been an idea and ambition
that has fascinated the industry ever since the first flies and fly tying
products were brought to market. This great concept incorporates
the marriage between natural components, such as fur and feather.
Synthetic components such as Hemingway’s ultra realistic parts
-- to produce a superior overall look, durability, fishability, ease of
use, and productiveness of the flies and fly tying products that you
will find on these pages. By building these products, utilizing these
great concepts, and integrating some absolutely amazing industry
firsts such as, “natural-articulation,” “true insect behavior,” “real lifelike
movement and feel.” What Hemingway’s has achieved is not just
and idea or design concept for the present, but a glimpse into the
future of not only what’s perceivable, but what’s probable, now and
for decades to come. “Created By Mother Nature, Made Possible By

The idea behind this site is to give the opportunity to the public to view our extensive product line and in turn contact their local dealer for the product.

If you are a consumer and have any questions regarding our products please feel free to e-mail us and we will do our best to reply in a very timely fashion.

We must make it very clear that we cannot sell to the public and we ask that you support your local Hemingway’s Dealer.

    Thanks for visiting with us and enjoy our site!

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