This highly visible poly strike indicator is easy to attach, adjust and remove. It comes in 3 colours

Strike Indicator Polly       

                     Yellow                                              Orange                                           Green

               HMG-PSI-01                                     HMG-PSI-02                                 HMG-PSI-03

                                                                          POLY BAL

Strike Indicator Polly Ball             

                      Yellow                                              Orange                                             Green

               HMG-PBSI-01                                  HMG-PBSI-02                               HMG-PBSI-03


This great tool is visible, durable and sensitive. Because of it’s sensitivity, it will detect most subtle takes. It is ideal for Czech and French nymphing techniques. Comes in 3 colours: yellow, green and orange and 2 pieces per pack.

Strike Indicator Czech Nymph Spyral         

                      Yellow                                               Orange                                              Green

                HMG-CNI-01                                    HMG-CNI-02                                   HMG-CNI-03



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